Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mael's Crew

Mael’s Crew is a game that we’re currently developing and we plan to release it on a number of platforms: browser, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. The team working on this project currently consists of only 2 people; ANtY, graphic designer, and peous, Unity programmer.
The player assumes the role of Mael, the son of a mighty Evil Lord, who, on his 18th birthday was cast out of his home. He needs now to establish his own dungeon and defend the treasures within from the greedy knights, priests, and paladins who wish to take them from him.
Fortunately, he has a lot of influence amongst creatures both grim and vile thanks to his  father, the mightiest of Evil Lords. He’ll be able to convince (err… to hire) all kinds of monsters to help him defend his dungeon.
The Mael’s crew rises!

Gameplay in Mael’s Crew is quite similar to Tower Defence games, but with some notable differences:
  •     You’re the bad guy, and you fight the Heroes. (reverted Diablo :P )
  •     There are no towers, only monsters.
  •     You can move your units after you have placed them on the map.
  •     Your units fight the enemy and can be killed
there is more, but not everything is discussed yet and we want to draw the curtain on at least to some point.

The game got featured on IGM and we're pretty happy with how's it going for now.

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